mother's day

We teamed up with Bluebird Media and Peppermint Press to bring you some sweet inspo for your next gathering! Featuring a foliage-filled, balloon centrepiece scaling the length of the table, we added shades of pink, from deep burgundy leaves, to dusty pink plates, to tie everything together.


We used glass jars, some with textured detail and others plain to hold bunches of foliage - our fav the dusty mint coloured leaves, that were oh so delicate!

Gorgeous circular menus by Peppermint Press, were decorated with watercolour flowers in all shades of pink, and tied in perfectly with the bubbling balloon centrepiece. 

One of our favourite shots by Bluebird Media, was when the sun popped out from behind the clouds, and just lightly touched tops of the balloons - creating some magical shots!


Much love, and big thanks to:



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